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clever_kitten's Journal
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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
3:49 am
And now for Leggy!
I wanted to post Leggy as well before I went to bed.

Leggy box set cover :

And inside are my three favorites...

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Current Mood: anxious
3:37 am
Aragorn goodies
Okay, so I have to do the King before the Elf (personal bias, although I love them both)...

I found this beautiful box set of 8 x 10 postcards tonight while I was shopping.

It had 8 postcards inside, most of which I'm sure everyone has seen, but I went ahead and put my four favorites under the cut.

(warning, images sizes are on the large side, so it may be slow loading)

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Current Mood: anxious
3:14 am
My First Journal Entry!
Since this journal has been sitting here for over a month now and I have yet to do anything with it, I thought I'd give an entry a try.

And since I decided I was brave enough for an entry, I also made this new icon :

Many hours were spent tonight hating my Adobe photo elements program before I finally figured out how to make that thing! Please no hotlinking!

Anyway, I just wanted to give this thing a try. I figure posting pictures would be the easiest trial run and I went out tonight and splurged on way too many LOTR items and magazines, so my scanner has been busy all night. I'm going to try and be brave enough to figure out how to post a few images next.

Can you tell I have no experience with the web and coding? :)

Current Mood: confused
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